Welcome to the Alpine Cycling Club.

We are based in Bright, in the North East of Victoria. It would be one of the best places in Australia to ride. Quiet country roads, with no traffic lights. It can also one of the most challenging areas to ride. If you want an easy ride stay in the valleys. If you want a challenge, ride up one the nearby mountains. There is something very fulfilling about conquering a mountain using your own power. There is only one thing better – the descent. Whether it’s a road bike or a mountain bike there are plenty places to try out your stamina and skill. The club holds various rides in which you’re welcome to join in & learn about the rides in the area, or some riding skills. We hold a weekly time trial during summer, which is a good way to test yourself & get a true indication of how you’re going. The watch doesn’t lie. The Tour of Bright is one of the best multi stage road races in the country, which is put on by the club each year on the first weekend in December. Most club members who aren’t racing in the tour volunteer to help put the event on. Which is a testimony to the spirit & friendliness of the club. It’s only a relatively small club & yet we manage to put on a very big event. There is also the Bright six hour cross country mountain bike enduro which has proven very popular. Don’t think that we are just a bunch of hard core racers, the club is also a very social group of people. Just what you would expect from a small country town. There are members from all walks of life. One thing we all enjoy is riding around Bright. There are members that are former junior Australian Champions in various disciplines, a former European pro & there are guys & girls who have never raced a single race but enjoy a ride with friends. Contact us for more information at info@alpinecyclingclub.com.au

Tour of Bright 2013

Dates for the 2014 are the 5th - 7th Dec. Details currently on the website are from last year. www.tourofbright.com.au

Entry details are on the race website.

Monthly Meeting

The club holds a meeting at the Club Rooms on the second thursday of each month, 7:30pm. All are welcome and encouraged to come along and have input into when, where and what the club does.
Due to the large amount of MTB issues currently being worked on a meeting is held on the first thursday of each month. 7:30pm

Alpe d'Buffalo and NJMCC